Environment Policy


Wogen Group (“Wogen”) recognises that in order to be a successful and valued partner to its customers and stakeholders, business must be conducted in a sustainable manner.  This means that, in addition to operating a business that delivers good commercial value in fulfilling customer objectives, we must be sure that our services are delivered in a way that does not threaten the ability of future generations to enjoy these same amenities.

With this objective in mind, we have adopted this Environment Policy, to demonstrate and formalise our commitment to continually improve the environmental performance of our company itself and the elements of industry we support and facilitate.

Identification of Environmental Impact

We have identified potential for environmental impact in:

  • The offices and direct activities of our company, including:
    • Energy used to power, light, heat and cool our offices
    • Impact of (and on) transport systems used by staff and visitors to reach our offices
    • Impact of paper used in office processes (from its sourcing, printing and disposal)
    • Our role as a ‘good neighbour’ and productive partner in the high-profile community around our head office, beside Westminster Abbey
    • Emissions, resource usage and community impact from our sub-contractor’s activities in delivering purchased products to our customers
    • The risk of a polluting spillage or release of our material in transit or in storage
  • The activities of our material suppliers, or those involved in the extraction and processing of the material we buy, including:
    • Emissions, potential pollution and landscape change from the extraction processes
    • Social and environmental impact on communities where extraction or shipment occurs
    • Emissions and resource usage from processing activities, transportation of material and maintenance of warehouse storage conditions
  • The post-delivery use of the material we supply. Although outside our direct control, we acknowledge impacts in:
    • Wastage of material
    • Failure to maximise the use of reclaimed, recycled or alternatively sourced materials

In addressing these impacts, we will strive to use resources efficiently, minimise harmful emissions and ensure a positive effect on communities with which we interact.  Achievement of this policy and continual improvement of our environmental performance is currently delivered through our ISO 9001 registered Management System.  Key aspects of this system include:

  • Implementing robust policies and procedures to ensure that our staff and those who act in our name comply with legal requirements and support our policy objectives
  • A comprehensive implementation of the spirit and requirements of legislation targeted at our industry, such as providing effective Material Safety Data Sheets and meeting REACH (Regulation, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) requirements
  • Understanding the provenance of the material we supply – insisting on robust certificates of origin where applicable and systematically ensuring that conflict materials, for example, cannot enter our supply chain.
  • Developing beneficial opportunities for customers to maximise the benefits of reclaimed, recycled and alternatively sourced materials.
  • Support of the wider community through charitable donations.
  • Maintaining strong emergency response and contingency plans.
  • Monitoring of meaningful indicators of environmental impact and targeted objectives to improve these measurements.
  • Effective investigation and corrective action in response to any identified occurrence that falls short of our environmental expectations.

This policy has the full support of our Board of Directors and hence the commitment of the entire company.  Our customers and communities deserve nothing less.

John Craig, CEO