Our Values

Wogen Group of Companies (“Wogen”), through a published set of policies enacted through internal procedures and controls embedded within our management systems, maintains a high standard of environmental, social and governance principles which we invite our customers and suppliers to both recognise and conform with.  Culminating in this Code of Conduct, the requirements that we place on our customers and suppliers to adhere to and to meet our standards across the entire supply chain, are unequivocal.

Code of Conduct

We expect our customers, consumers, suppliers, producers, converters, intermediaries, transporters, warehouses, logistical and other service providers to:

  • Adhere to and comply with applicable jurisdictional laws.
  • Respect and uphold fundamental Human Rights including the rights and dignity of employees promoting equal opportunities in a respectful environment and with fair remuneration without discrimination, abuse, duress or harassment.  To implement and maintain high standards of occupational health and safety for the protection of employees.
  • Prohibit Child Labour and Modern Slavery in all its forms.
  • Conduct business in an ethical manner, stamping out money laundering and adopting robust Anti-Bribery and Corruption measures.  To commit to the prevention of Conflict Minerals from entering the supply chain at any point.
  • Adhere to sound principles for the protection of the Environment implementing steps to minimise pollution and emissions and to avoid the degradation of the environment through commodity extraction, production, transportation, conversion or consumption activities.  To work with local communities, in a responsible and transparent manner, to protect their rights and where possible to enhance their lives and enjoyment of local amenities.
  • Adhere to taxation and fiscal requirements and to apply a responsible Taxation Strategy.

John Craig, CEO