Lake District 24 Peaks Challenge update

Lake District 24 Peaks challenge, day 1

On the 8th and 9th of June a team of Wogeners completed a gruelling two day 24 peaks hiking challenge in the lake district in Northern England.  The mood of the first day was quickly set after the first 1km when we encountered a river with a broken bridge which we had to wade through leaving us with wet boots and socks for the day.  We didn’t let this phase us and battling against appalling weather conditions including lashing rain, hail, very strong winds and a low cloud base with near zero visibility, we stuck to our task over a long and very trying day completing 10 of the peaks.  Then, despite many aches and pains, we took on the second day with true grit and won through to reach the summit of 14 peaks, successfully completing the challenge in 24 hours of hiking.  The total distance walked came in at 57km with a total elevation gain of 4,000 meters.

This was a very hard challenge both physically and mentally – the amount of effort put in by the team to complete it cannot be under estimated.  It was quite possibly the hardest thing many if not all of the team members have ever done.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who sponsored us, your support and generosity really helped drive us forward throughout the challenge.  Nearly 130 individual and corporate donations were made and, together with the matching contribution from the Wogen Anniversary Trust, we raised £33,500, surpassing our target of £20,000.  This is a wonderful achievement of which the team is justly proud and for which our chosen charities are extremely grateful.

Some photos and route maps included below.

Thank you again!

Lake District 24 Peaks challenge, Day 1, Peak 4Lake District 24 Peaks challenge, Day 1, Peak 10

Lake District 24 Peaks challenge, Day 2, Peak 19

Lake District 24 Peaks challenge, Day 2, Peak 24