About Wogen

Founded in 1972, Wogen has a 50 year history of trading, selling, procuring and servicing customers across the globe in our field of exotic metals and minerals. Sourcing materials from the remotest corners of the globe and delivering them on time and competitively priced is the expertise our customers rely on.

Wogen deals in the whole range of exotic non-ferrous metals specialising in Electronic, Precious, Noble, Light and Minor Metals, Ferro Alloys and Minerals. We trade in:

While the core of our operation is our dynamic trading team who are each experts in their specific fields and who collectively span the whole spectrum of metals and minerals from A to Z, Aluminium to Zirconium, our services within the exotic metals and minerals arena extends to:

Our customers include governments, steel mills, industrial, technological and aerospace consumers, foundries, the alloying industry, miners, smelters, merchants and traders. Our markets are worldwide but our main strengths stem from our locations in China, Hong Kong, South Africa, USA and London. Whether a miner or a producer of materials, an industrial consumer or an intermediary in the supply chain, Wogen is there every step of the way.

What next for Wogen? Whether it be Green Energy metals used in applications to combat climate change, Electronic metals, Mineral Sands, Super alloys, Precious metals, Ferro alloys, Minor metals, Rare Earths, you name it Wogen will be there.